The Scope of Our Work

Since the formation of the Partnership in 1993, we have worked consistently and with focus to tackle a wide variety of issues around social exclusion and crime.  Our independence has enabled us to work with a broad range of organisations and to see the bigger picture at all times.  Please explore our areas of work below to find out more – if you would like more  information about our work please contact

Protecting Victims

A core value of the Partnership has always been to offer support and inclusion for victims, in a variety of ways.  Much of this work focuses on  abuse which happens primarily […]

Supporting Offenders and their Families

Intervention with the children of prisoners and prolific offenders to ensure that they are linked in with universal and targeted services.

Using the Arts

Using creative practices is a core element of the Partnership’s approach. The Arts can help people to really engage with issues and explore things from a different perspective. It provides a relaxed, non-confrontational (and […]

Restorative Justice

Thames Valley Partnership is a Registered Charity and through its Thames Valley Restorative Justice Service (TVRJS) is at the leading edge of Restorative Justice in the UK. We are a […]

Sharing & Disseminating

Collaboration and sharing is fundamental to the way the Partnership works – through sharing best practice, information, contacts  and the pooling of knowledge and abilities amazing things can be achieved. […]

Past Projects

Over the years the Partnership has innovated, collaborated, challenged and influenced in a wide variety of ways, and over a huge number of programmes.  Many of these past projects are captured […]

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  • Celebrating  the power of working together

    Celebrating the power of working together

  • Developing constructive links with families

    Developing constructive links with families